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Learn the Facts about Negotiations Between UPTE and UC

All across the state, UC’s represented healthcare, research and technical staff work to support the research, teaching and public service mission of the University of California. To further that mission, UC is offering these employees a competitive, multi-year, total compensation package that includes:

  • Systemwide pay increases of 6% to 8% increase over the term of the agreement, with additional local market-based increases for some employees
  • Excellent health insurance benefits for less than $60 per month for individual coverage and less than $171 per month for family coverage [1]
  • Vision coverage at $0 cost to employee
  • Dental coverage at $0 cost to employee
  • Exceptional retirement benefits, including a choice for new employees between:
    • A strong, defined benefit pension plan after that vests after five years of service, or;
    • A 401(k)-style option that allows employees to take both their own investment and UC’s contributions with them after one year of service if they decide to work elsewhere
    • Life insurance at no cost to employee, with the option of higher coverage amounts for a low premium
    • Support for educational advancement through tuition and fee discounts for eligible employees.

UPTE bargaining units at UC include Health Care Professionals (HX), Research Support Professionals (RX) and Technical Professionals (TX). UC aims to reach agreement on long-term contract terms that allows the daily work supporting our mission and excellent patient care to continue uninterrupted.

[1] Based on Tier II Full-time salary rate of $54,001–$107,000. The amount that UC employees pay for health care is based on their salary. Those who make more, pay more.

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