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Negotiations held June 25-26 for Healthcare Professionals, Technical Employees and Researchers contracts 

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Negotiations for new contracts for healthcare professionals, technical employees, and researchers took place on June 25-26 between the University of California and the University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE).

In addition to the University’s stated priorities, which include fair pay and quality benefits, supportive working conditions, and efficient, good-faith negotiations, UC has confirmed 18 bargaining sessions with UPTE over the next few months. As is customary for collective bargaining, the two parties will determine mutually agreed-upon meeting locations and times. The University is also open to scheduling times to receive input from members during bargaining. 

During the first two sessions of bargaining, UC passed nine proposals and plans to pass many more this summer. In the June 25-26 sessions, proposals included corrective action parameters, meeting access, and grievance procedures. 

The University values the long-standing partnership with UPTE. UC is committed to putting together proposals that support employees and looks forward to bargaining throughout the rest of the year to reach a fair agreement. The University proposals are not designed to be a “starting point” but rather reasonable offers that reflect the significance of the services UPTE-represented employees provide.

The next bargaining sessions are scheduled for July 18-19. UC will continue to review the union’s proposals carefully and keep you informed about the negotiation process, our actions, and the reasons behind them.

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