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Career tracks

Career Tracks is a job classification system for staff not represented by a union, helping to ensure that job titles are defined consistently within each location and across the university.

Understanding career tracks

After staff have moved from entry-level to intermediate to experienced roles, they can develop their careers along either the professional and technical track or the leadership track.

Individuals on the leadership track can advance to more senior roles in the following sequence:

  • Supervisor 1
  • Supervisor 2
  • Manager 1
  • Manager 2
  • Manager 3
  • Manager 4

Individuals on the professional and technical track can move from an advanced to an expert role. They may also transition to the leadership track, moving from an advanced to a manager 1 role, or from an expert to a manager 2 role.

Categories and levels

Job family: A group of jobs in the same general occupation (e.g. Finance)

Job function: A more specific area within a family (e.g. General Accounting)

Job standards within families fall into one of the following categories:

Job CategoryIndividual Contributor SeriesLeadership Series
& Technical
ProfessionalSupervisory & Management
Career Level
Level 1EntryLevel 1Supervisor 1
Level 2IntermediateLevel 2Supervisor 2
Level 3ExperiencedLevel 3Manager 1
AdvancedLevel 4Manager 2
ExpertLevel 5Manager 3
Manager 4

Local information

Career Tracks is being rolled out at different times at different locations. The locations below have published websites with additional information regarding their project.

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