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Supervisory and management

This category includes positions where the incumbent primarily achieves department objectives through the coordinated achievements of subordinate staff who report to the incumbent. For incumbents in supervisory and management positions, their primary duty is the management of a department or a subdivision.


An incumbent in a supervisory position supervises at least two full-time employees and performs supervisory functions where independent judgment is exercised in at least three of the following:

  • Independently selects subordinates OR participates in the interviews and recommends who should be hired;
  • Independently determines subordinates’ performance ratings OR recommends performance ratings;
  • Independently decides within budgetary limitations the amount of subordinate merit increases, who will be selected for promotional opportunities, and whether to request the reclassification of a position, OR recommends these actions;
  • Has independent authority to issue written warnings and suspensions and determines what discipline should be imposed upon a subordinate OR recommends such actions;
  • Has independent authority to resolve grievances or complaints OR formulates and recommends a resolution to grievances or complaints.


An incumbent in a managerial position, in addition to the supervisory functions described above, spends the majority of time (50% or more) achieving organizational objectives through the coordinated achievements of subordinate staff who report to the incumbent, through the performance of the following managerial functions:

  • Assumes accountability for decisions made by subordinates
  • Manages employee performance (for example, guides, coaches and disciplines staff)
  • Manages workflow, operations, apportioning the work
  • Establishes department goals and objectives (and manages department progress toward goals)
  • Determines techniques and processes
  • Plans and oversees the budget
  • Monitors or implements legal or policy compliance measures
  • Performs strategic planning for function

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