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This category includes positions which require a theoretical and conceptual knowledge of the specialization. Problems are typically solved through analysis and strategic thinking. At more senior levels, incumbents may independently manage or administer professional or independent programs, policies and resources.

Applies basic skills while developing some specialized skills in procedures, operations, techniques, tools, materials and/or equipment appropriate to area of specialization; performs routine and/or repetitive tasks; limited decision making required; generally works under close supervision; has no or limited experience; work is performed from within specific limits of established procedures and/or defined instructions.

Entry (Level 1)

Entry-level professional with limited prior experience; learns to use professional concepts to resolve problems of limited scope and complexity; works on assignments that are initially routine in nature, requiring limited judgment and decision making. Employees at this level are expected to acquire the skills and knowledge to perform more advanced work following an agreed upon time in position, through defined training and development planning.

Intermediate (Level 2)

Professional who applies acquired job skills, policies and procedures to complete substantive assignments/projects/tasks of moderate scope and complexity; exercises judgment within defined guidelines and practices to determine appropriate action.

Experienced (Level 3)

Experienced professional who knows how to apply theory and put it into practice with in-depth understanding of the professional field; independently performs the full range of responsibilities within the function; possesses broad job knowledge; analyzes problems/issues of diverse scope and determines solutions.

Advanced (Level 4)

Technical leader with a high degree of knowledge in the overall field and recognized expertise in specific areas; problem-solving frequently requires analysis of unique issues/problems without precedent and/or structure. May manage programs that include formulating strategies and administering policies, processes and resources; functions with a high degree of autonomy.

Expert (Level 5)

Recognized organization-wide expert. Has significant impact and influence on organizational policy and program development. Regularly leads projects of critical importance to the organization; these projects carry substantial consequences of success or failure. Directs programs with organization-wide impact (or may have impact beyond the university) that include formulating strategies and administering policies, processes and resources. Significant barriers to entry exist at this level.

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