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Pick from an HMO or PPO plan. Check out Which dental plan is right for you? for help making your choice.

  • Full Full eligibility available
  • Mid Mid eligibility available
  • Core Core eligibility available
  • Retirees Retirees eligibility available

Premium costs

UC pays 100% of the monthly premium for employees and for retirees eligible for the full UC contribution.

How the plans work

You have a choice between a PPO or HMO plan. The Delta Dental PPO plan, available worldwide, allows you and your family to choose any licensed dentist or specialist. You’ll pay less if you choose a dentist in Delta’s PPO network.

DeltaCare® USA is a dental HMO that provides you and your family with comprehensive benefits and easy referrals to specialists within Delta’s HMO network. You must live in California to enroll and some areas of California have more network providers than others. Be sure there are dentists available in your area before choosing this plan.

More Information

Plan information

Important Numbers

  • Delta Dental PPO (800) 777-5854
  • Delta Care USA (800) 422-4234