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DepCare FSA for Academic Student Employees

The DepCare FSA for Academic Student Employees allows you to pay for eligible expenses for care of your child or eligible adult dependent on a pretax basis.  As a result, your salary is reduced before taxes are assessed, and you pay less in taxes. The DepCare FSA for Academic Student Employees is designed to serve the academic student employees (ASEs) represented by the UAW as well as non-represented academic student employees, including Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs).

Continuing participation beyond September 20 of each calendar year will be subject to ongoing negotiation with represented academic student employees.

How the plan works

The way Depcare FSA works is simple:

  • You determine the amount you wish to contribute
  • You enroll on UCPath
  • The contribution amount you choose is taken from your pay each month
  • You pay your dependent care expenses as usual
  • For eligible expenses, submit a claim form and copies of your dependent care receipts to WEX Health

Remember that you forfeit any money you don’t use; so calculate your contributions carefully.

Important facts to consider

For detailed information on the DepCare FSA, read the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DepCare FSA) Summary Plan DescriptionPDF or the Health and Dependent Care FSA Plan brochure.

Frequently asked questions

ASE/GSR DepCare payroll deduction examples

The following are examples of payroll deduction schedules to show how you may claim eligible expenses under the DepCare FSA program. The examples assume that you complete your enrollment on UCPath in time for processing by the 15th of the first month of your eligible appointment.

The first deduction is taken from your first payroll check received on the first of the following month for monthly paid employees.

It’s important to estimate your dependent care expenses carefully. The IRS requires that you forfeit any unclaimed money in your DepCare FSA account after enrollment is terminated or the closing date for the plan year, whichever occurs first.


  • Effective date is the first day of the month following your enrollment if enrolled by campus deadline.
  • DepCare FSA termination date is usually at the end of the pay period in which your DepCare FSA contribution is deducted from your paycheck. In example #1 the DepCare FSA termination date is April 1.
  • Reimbursement occurs after claim form has been submitted and processed by WEX Health.

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