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Operational and technical

This category includes support, operational, technical, skilled or semi-skilled positions where the skills are typically acquired through vocational education and/or apprenticeships, certifications, specialized or on-the-job training. Problems are typically solved through knowledge of past practices and procedural guidelines, or knowledge gained through a certification or licensing program. For levels 2 and 3, these positions require specialized knowledge of processes and procedures.

Level 1

Applies basic skills while developing some specialized skills in procedures, operations, techniques, tools, materials and/or equipment appropriate to area of specialization; performs routine and/or repetitive tasks; limited decision making required; generally works under close supervision; has no or limited experience; work is performed from within specific limits of established procedures and/or defined instructions.

Level 2

Applies skills and job knowledge in area of specialization; may adapt procedures, operations, techniques, tools, materials and/or equipment to meet needs of area of specialization; may work on non-routine tasks; resolves issues/makes working decisions within area of specialization or responsibility with minimal supervision.

Level 3

Regularly works on tasks that are varied and complex. Applies full range of specialized skills and job knowledge; frequently adapts procedures, techniques, tools, materials and/or equipment to meet specialized needs; may serve as lead; performs broad and/or focused assignments under general supervision; originality and ingenuity are often required to help.

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