The United Auto Workers (UAW) or another union may approach you and other Graduate Student Researchers to sign materials about union representation.

Before you sign anything, it is very important that you understand what it means to sign a union card or petition. Unionization may result from union cards signed by employees or by a secret ballot election.

UC supports your right to decide for yourself whether unionization is beneficial for you. That choice is yours. UC believes this choice should be well informed.

Get the facts before you sign a union card or petition:

  • Your signature on a card or petition may constitute your “vote.” Read carefully before you sign anything.
  • Union cards or petitions are not just an expression of interest. Signing them may mean unionization.

This website provides some important information about your rights, the unionization process and what being unionized means to help you make an informed choice.

You may contact your local Labor Relations office if you have additional questions.