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sleep and facebook
  • UC Irvine study links compulsive Facebook checking to lack of sleep
  • Why are affluent countries more likely to see fewer women in STEM than poor ones?
  • Black History Month: Three employees share their journeys to Berkeley Lab

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Valentine's Day chocolates How much do people spend on Valentine's Day?

From the ubiquitous Valentine's Day chocolate to the historical origins of this occasion, UC Riverside experts tackle some popular V-Day questions. 

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Staff Advisors LeWana Richmond and De Acker
Apply by March 4 to be the next staff advisor to UC Regents

Staff advisors bring the perspective of staff and non-Senate academic employees to Regents' deliberations and to decision-makers at the Office of the President. 


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Check your Flexible Spending Account balance

Remember that you can carry over up to $500 in your Health FSA.

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UC's travel services and tools can help you save money and stay safe, whether you're on a business or personal trip.