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Proposals to cut vital federal research funding will hurt U.S.’s competitiveness
President Napolitano calls upon those who value science and treasure its benefits to make their voices heard.

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304_Shakespeare-in-Yosemite Environment takes center stage with UC Merced's 'Shakespeare in Yosemite'

The imaginative worlds of two of the best nature writers in the English language, William Shakespeare and John Muir, come to life against the dramatic backdrop of Yosemite National Park.


2017 medical benefits

If you're a member of a UC PPO plan, you may notice a few changes in 2017. Check out the transition checklist for more information.

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Father and son
Family Care Resources

Need help finding care for loved ones? UC provides access to Bright Horizons Care Advantage, a web-based resource for finding family care providers.

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California Digital Library
In partnership with the UC libraries, the CDL connects you to the vast print and online collections within UC and beyond.