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  • UC San Francisco archivist preserves university's storied past for a dynamic future
  • For space station astronauts, spinal muscles shrink after months in space
  • Newton Nguyen’s vision loss doesn’t slow him down

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halloween candy 6 tips for good oral hygiene amid all that Halloween candy

Eating too much candy can lead to stomach aches, sugar highs and cavities, so try these tips from a UCLA School of Dentistry professor to help you and your family maintain good oral health. 


halloween candy
2017 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is the time to look at your benefits and consider any changes you might want to make for the coming year.

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halloween candy
Health plan wellness resources
Making healthy choices isn’t always easy, but your health plan's wellness resources can help.

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Travel services
UC's travel services and tools can help you save money and stay safe, whether you're on a business or personal trip.