Who's eligible: Employees with Full, Mid-Level or Core benefits and retirees

Who’s covered: You and your family members

Who pays the premium: You

How the Plan Works

  • Call ARAG® Customer Care when you have a legal matter.
  • Customer Care will walk you through your options and assist you with your search for a network attorney.
  • Meet with your network attorney either over the phone or in person to begin resolving your legal issue.

What the Plan Covers 

  • Legal advice, representation and preparation or review of documents in-office from an ARAG Network Attorney
  • Legal advice via phone from ARAG’s nationwide network of telephone attorneys
  • Estate planning documents including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and healthcare directive
  • Coverage for uncontested divorce is paid in full; contested divorce, separation and annulment have a 25-hour coverage limit
  • Family legal matters including child support, visitation and/or alimony, adoption, guardianship/conservatorship and name change
  • Estate Planning: Funding a trust and trust dispute
  • Secondary Residence: Foreclosure, neighbor disputes, property tax, zoning & variances, building codes, easements
  • Other Miscellaneous: Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, paternity – defense & establishment, mediation costs, eviction – primary residence, driving restoration – DWI  
  • Diversity and Inclusion services including domestic partnership agreements, funeral directives, hospital visitation rights and gender-identifier changes on government-issued documents
  • Identity theft protection services including: Credit monitoring, internet identity surveillance, child identity monitoring, full-service identity restoration, and identity theft insurance
  • Consumer protection issues including personal bankruptcy, debt collection defense and legal representation for enforcement of warranties or promises in connection with lease or purchase of goods or services
  • Defense of traffic offenses, including traffic tickets
  • Drivers license suspension, renovation and restoration
  • Tax planning including consultation on federal and state personal income taxes, assistance with tax audits, help with reducing property tax assessments and credit record correction
  • Administrative hearings, which includes legal assistance with administrative hearings related to primary and secondary schools; building code or permit violations; property zoning, variances and easements; Social Security, veterans, or Medicare benefits; mental incompetency or infirmity proceedings
  • Domestic violence protection including legal services for the insured to obtain a protective order related to domestic violence when the opposing party is not covered under the same policy
  • Defense of misdemeanor charges such as trespassing, public intoxication, and vandalism
  • General In-Office — Six (6) hours of attorney time per family per certificate year for advice, negotiation and service for personal legal matters that are not covered or excluded; includes immigration or sale/purchase of a residence
  • Online legal tools and resources, such as DIY Docs® that enable you to create documents like a standard will, power of attorney, child medical authorization, HIPAA authorization, contractor agreement and more

Plan Costs

Monthly Cost for Faculty/Staff
Self $10.87
Self plus adult $14.95
Self plus child(ren) $14.95
Self plus adult plus child(ren) $16.31
Monthly Cost for Retirees
Self $11.59
Self plus adult $13.95
Self plus child(ren) $13.95
Self plus adult plus child(ren) $16.31