Who's eligible: Academic Student Employees, including Graduate Student Researchers

Who’s covered: You and your eligible family members

Who pays: You

The DepCare FSA for Academic Student Employees allows you to pay for eligible expenses for care of your child or eligible adult dependent on a pretax basis.  As a result, your salary is reduced before taxes are assessed, and you pay less in taxes. The DepCare FSA for Academic Student Employees is designed to serve the academic student employees (ASEs) represented by the UAW as well as non-represented academic student employees, including Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs).

Continuing participation beyond September 20 of each calendar year will be subject to ongoing negotiation with represented academic student employees.

WEX Health (formerly Discovery Benefits) is the administrator for UC's FSA and COBRA plans, effective Jan. 1, 2021. 

How the Plan Works

The way Depcare FSA works is simple:

  • You determine the amount you wish to contribute
  • You enroll on UCPath
  • The contribution amount you choose is taken from your pay each month
  • You pay your dependent care expenses as usual
  • For eligible expenses, submit a claim form and copies of your dependent care receipts to WEX Health

Remember that you forfeit any money you don't use; so calculate your contributions carefully.