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New to UC? Understand your eligibility for benefits.

To learn all about your benefits choices, attend a UCPath webinar and check out ALEX® — a personal benefits counselor available 24/7 on your computer, phone or tablet. 

If you are represented by a union, your compensation and benefits are governed by your union’s contract.

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Compensation policies

UC is committed to providing competitive compensation and benefits for all UC employees. As a public institution, UC is also committed to being transparent about its compensation practices. Learn more about UC's compensation practices and policies, and how UC compensation compares.

Additional information about local compensation policies and practices can be found on campus websites:

About Your Benefits

Unionized Employees and Collective Bargaining

If you're represented by a union, your compensation and benefits are negotiated between UC and your union and finalized in a contract. Read your bargaining unit's employment contract, stay abreast of current negotiations and learn about collective bargaining at UC.