Who's eligible: Employees eligible for full benefits

Who’s covered: You and your family members

Who pays the premium: UC pays for employees; retirees pay for themselves 

What the Plan Covers

The allowances and copays below apply to providers within the VSP Advantage network. Check out vsp.com to find your VSP network doctor. If you choose to see an out-of-network provider, you’ll likely pay higher out-of-pocket costs and you’ll need to submit a claim.

  • One vision examination per calendar year — including testing and analysis of eye health and any necessary prescriptions for lenses or contact lenses. You pay a $10 copay.
  • One set of corrective lenses per calendar year — including single vision, bifocal, trifocal, standard progressive or other complex glass or plastic lenses. Photo-chromatic lenses, tints and polycarbonate lenses are fully covered if you use a provider in the VSP network. You pay a $25 copay. 
  • One set of frames every other calendar year up to $160.
  • Maximum contact lens benefit of $160 for lenses, with the exam covered separately with a copay of up to $60. If you choose elective contact lenses, you cannot also have frames and corrective lenses covered in the same calendar year. If contact lenses are medically necessary and you use a VSP provider, the cost is fully covered. Generally, contacts are covered for those who have had cataract surgery, have extreme acuity problems that cannot be corrected with glasses or have some conditions of anisometropia or keratoconus.
  • You may also purchase annual supplies of select contact lenses at a reduced cost. Talk to your VSP provider or see the VSP website for additional details.
  • Discounts on laser corrective vision surgery through VSP contracted laser centers. Call VSP for more information.
  • Eye care services for Type 1 diabetics through the VSP Primary Eyecare Plan. Contact a VSP doctor for more information.
  • If you use a VSP network doctor or provider, you pay only the required copays for covered services and the cost of any services or materials beyond the allowance.
  • Additional discounts are available for services the plan doesn’t cover, including:
    • 30 percent discount on additional pairs of glasses, including sunglasses, if purchased from the VSP doctor who provides the member’s eye exam on the same day as the exam.
    • 20 percent discount for additional pairs of prescription glasses purchased within 12 months following the last covered eye exam, if purchased from the VSP doctor who provided the exam.
    • 15 percent discount for contact lens professional services; for example, fittings or adjustments.

Cost of Coverage

UC pays the full cost of the monthly vision plan premium for employees. UC’s contribution toward the monthly cost of coverage is determined by UC and may change or stop altogether.

Retirees pay the premium for retiree vision insurance. 

2024 Monthly Cost 
Retiree Only $11.61
Retiree + Child(ren) $22.15
Retiree + One Adult $21.96
Retiree + Family $27.12