If you are in a union with an expired collective bargaining agreement, your 2014 premium contributions for existing employee plans may be different than the contribution rates reflected on this website and in written communications to all employees.

Changes in employee contributions are subject to collective bargaining negotiations, and rates for existing benefit plans will not change until UC and the union reach agreement in negotiations on new rates or they become effective in accordance with the requirements of HEERA.

When you enroll in a medical plan, you will be charged the applicable employee contribution rate for your bargaining unit until the university and the union’s representatives reach agreement or new rates are in effect in accordance with HEERA requirements.

Please note that the premium contributions for the new benefit plans for 2014, UC Care and the Blue Shield Health Savings Plan, are the same for all participants and are the 2014 rates posted on this website and in written communications.

Employees represented by some unions are not eligible for wellness program (to be administered by Optum in 2014) or SelectPlus because participation has not been agreed to during the collective bargaining process.