UC offers employees and retirees a choice of medical plans because maintaining good benefits is important to you and it’s important to UC. Our plans have a broad choice of providers — including UC medical center doctors, hospitals and medical groups — and plan designs to fit your needs. And UC continues to cover most of the cost of the monthly premiums.

For employees

Employees have these medical plan options:

  • Kaiser, an HMO with a closed network of doctors and hospitals
  • UC Blue & Gold, an HMO with a network designed just for UC
  • UC Care, a PPO plan created just for UC with access to UC doctors and medical centers as well as the entire Anthem Blue Cross PPO network
  • UC Health Savings Plan, a PPO with a health savings account that allows you to contribute tax-free
  • Western Health Advantage, a regional HMO in the Davis-Sacramento area 
  • CORE, a catastrophic plan

Behavioral health benefits are provided by Optum for Kaiser and Western Health Advantage and by Managed Health Network (MHN, a Health Net company) for UC Blue & Gold HMO. Behavioral health benefits for PPO plans (UC Care, UC Health Savings Plan and Core) are provided by Anthem Blue Cross.

For retirees

Please note that employees who retire but are not yet eligible for Medicare stay in their current medical plan until another qualifying event or Open Enrollment. Retirement is not a qualifying event that triggers a Period of Initial Eligibility.

During Open Enrollment, retirees not eligible for Medicare may enroll in any of the employee plans except UC Health Savings Plan. Individuals enrolled in the UC Health Savings Plan when they retire may continue in the plan as a retiree until they, or a covered family member, becomes entitled to Medicare.

Retirees enrolled in Medicare may choose from the following plans:

Behavioral health benefits for Medicare plans are provided by Medicare and the plan.

UC provides Medicare-eligible retirees and their families who live outside California a Medicare Coordinator program, administered by Via Benefits.