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Life Insurance

Who's Eligible: Employees eligible for full, mid-level or core benefits

Who’s covered: You

Who pays the premium: UC (Basic and Core) and you (Supplemental and Dependent)

Employees eligible for full benefits are automatically enrolled in Basic Life at no cost. Employees eligible for mid-level or core benefits are automatically enrolled in Core Life at no cost.

Supplemental Life, Dependent Life and Expanded Dependent Life insurance are available for a monthly premium to employees eligible for full or mid-level benefits.

UC pays the full premium cost for Senior Management Life coverage for those who are eligible. The value of this additional coverage is considered imputed income and is subject to income taxes (see Section 79 of the Internal Revenue Code for details); taxes are withheld monthly as part of the UC payroll process.

What the Plans Cover

  • Basic Life – Benefit equal to employee's annual salary up to a maximum of $50,000
  • Core Life – $5,000 benefit
  • Supplemental Life – Four coverage levels from $20,000 to four times annual salary up to $1 million.
  • Basic Dependent Life – $5,000 coverage each for spouse or domestic partner and/or eligible children
  • Expanded Dependent Life – Up to 50 percent of employee supplemental life benefit (maximum of $200,000) for spouse or domestic partner; $10,000 each for eligible children
  • Senior Management Life – Two times senior manager's annual salary to a maximum of $800,000. This benefit is in addition to Basic Life.

Benefits are paid to your beneficiaries if you die while employed or on paid leave, or during the first four months of approved leave without pay or temporary layoff. Your beneficiaries receive these benefits in addition to any other death benefits for which you may qualify.

Plan Cost

Your cost for Supplemental Life and Expanded Dependent Life depends on your age and the coverage amount you choose (from $20,000 to four times your annual salary, up to $1 million). Estimate your monthly premiums here.

Enrolling in a Plan

Enrollment for the Basic, Core and Senior Management Life is automatic depending on the level of benefits for which you are eligible. If you are eligible for Full or Mid-level benefits, you have a 31-day period of eligibility during which you may enroll yourself and your eligible family members in the Supplemental Life and Dependent Life plans. Your PIE starts on the first day of eligibility (for example, the day you begin work in a position that makes you eligible for life insurance coverage). The PIE ends 31 days later for online transactions.

Outside of a period of initial eligibility

You may request to enroll yourself in supplemental life insurance (and/or dependent life for your spouse/domestic partner) at any time during the year by submitting a request through your UCPath account.The insurance company will reach out by email with a Statement of Health for you to complete. If it is approved, UCPath will finalize your enrollment and send you a confirmation statement.

Naming Your Beneficiaries

You should designate a beneficiary immediately upon enrolling in Life and/or AD&D insurance. You may name the same or different beneficiary for your UC Retirement Plan and/or Senior Management Life, if any.

You may name more than one beneficiary and specify the percentage that each beneficiary is to receive on UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) or by submitting form UBEN 116. A beneficiary may be a person, trustee, or organization.

You can change your beneficiaries at any time. If no beneficiary is named or if your beneficiary is no longer living, any benefits will be paid to your survivors in the following order:

  • Surviving legal spouse or surviving domestic partner; or, if none,
  • Surviving children, on an equal-share basis; or, if none,
  • Surviving parents on an equal-share basis; or, if none,
  • Surviving siblings; or, if none,
  • The member's estate.

To File a Claim

If you need assistance completing the claim form, call UCPath at (855) 982-7284 to work with a beneficiary care coordinator. For reference, UC's policy number is 97000.

Terminating Enrollment

When you leave UC employment or retire, you may be able to continue life insurance benefits. You have different options depending upon the plan.