See A Complete Guide to Your Health and Welfare Benefits for complete details about family member eligibility.

If you are a new employee

You are automatically enrolled in Basic Life or Core Life, depending on the level of benefits for which you are eligible. Enrollment in Senior Management Life insurance is also automatic.

If you are eligible for Full or Mid-level benefits, you have a 31-day period of eligibility during which you may enroll yourself and your eligible family members in the Supplemental Life and Dependent Life plans. Your PIE starts on the first day of eligibility (for example, the day you begin work in a position that makes you eligible for life insurance coverage). The PIE ends 31 days later for online transactions. 

If you have a newly eligible family member

If you are enrolled in Basic Life only, you may purchase Basic Dependent Life insurance for your new spouse, domestic partner and/or child(ren). You may also purchase Supplemental Life for yourself.

If you are enrolled in Supplemental Life, you may increase your supplemental coverage and/or purchase either Basic Dependent Life insurance or Expanded Dependent Life insurance for your new spouse, domestic partner and/or child(ren). Your dependents may not be enrolled in both dependent life insurance plans.

You must request enrollment within 31 days after the family member is first eligible.

To enroll, contact UCPath or the person in your department who handles benefits.

Outside of a period of initial eligibility

You may request to enroll yourself in supplemental life insurance (and/or dependent life for your spouse/domestic partner) by submitting a request through your UCPath account. You will receive an email from the insurance company to complete the statement of health; if approved, UCPath will finalize your enrollment and send you a confirmation statement.

Children may be enrolled in Dependent Life insurance at any time without a statement of health.

If you are a newly appointed faculty member and don't enroll when first eligible, a second PIE starts on the first day of classes for the semester or quarter in which your appointment starts. To enroll, see the Benefits Office or the person who handles benefits at your location.

If you are newly eligible

If you become eligible for UC-sponsored benefits because of a change in employment status or because you have worked 1,000 hours in 12 consecutive months, you will have a 31-day period of initial eligibility (PIE) in which to enroll. Check with your department to see exactly when your PIE begins.

You can enroll online in your benefits account. You may also name a beneficiary online.