May 14 President Napolitano announces $1 billion multi-year budget agreement with Gov. Brown, as part of overall effort to maintain UC’s excellence and sustain its long-term financial health. The agreement includes $436 million to help UC pay down its pension liability and commitment from UC for new retirement benefits for future employees.
Aug. 7 President Napolitano appoints systemwide task force to help develop new set of retirement benefits options.
Dec. 15 Task force submits recommendations on new retirement benefits.
Jan. 15 – Feb. 15 UC faculty and staff submit feedback on task force recommendations via dedicated website. Academic Senate reviews and submits comments to President Napolitano about the recommendations.
Feb. 1 & 10 Webinar discussions with UC community about the task force recommendations.
March 23–24 President Napolitano brings proposal to the Regents.
July 1 New benefits for future employees take effect.