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Retiree vision

Administered by VSP Vision Care

  • Full Full eligibility available
  • Mid Mid eligibility available
  • Core Core eligibility available
  • Retirees Retirees eligibility available

Premium costs

Retirees pay the full cost of the premium for vision insurance.

2024 Monthly Cost 
Retiree Only$11.61
Retiree + Child(ren)$22.15
Retiree + One Adult$21.96
Retiree + Family$27.12

How to enroll

Retirees may enroll in vision insurance during UC’s annual open enrollment period.

How the plan works

The allowances and copays below apply to providers within the VSP Advantage network. Check out vsp.com to find your VSP network doctor. If you choose to see an out-of-network provider, you’ll likely pay higher out-of-pocket costs and need to submit a claim.