If you have some family members with Medicare coverage and others not currently eligible for Medicare, you’re considered a split-Medicare family.

Some UC non-Medicare medical plans have a Medicare version of the plan; for example, Health Net Seniority Plus is the Medicare version of UC Blue & Gold and Kaiser Senior Advantage is the Medicare version of Kaiser Permanente. Other UC non-Medicare plans have “partner” plans; for example, UC Medicare PPO is the partner to UC Care and CORE. A split family is not eligible for the UC Health Savings Plan.

With both types of plans, you enroll in the non-Medicare version of the plan and your Medicare-enrolled family members are automatically placed in the partner Medicare plan. You may not see the Medicare plan name when you enroll in the non-Medicare plan.

Non-Medicare family members Medicare-enrolled family members
CORE UC Medicare PPO
UC Blue & Gold HMO Health Net Seniority Plus
Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage
UC Care PPO UC Medicare PPO

You can view the monthly premiums for these split-Medicare families here.

If you enroll a family member in a new Medicare plan, you will need to complete an additional form. For family members in Health Net Seniority Plus or Kaiser Senior Advantage, complete the Medicare Advantage Enrollment/Election form for Health Net (UBEN 125) or for Kaiser (UBEN 127) and mail to the plan and the UC Retirement Administration Service Center.

For family members in the UC Medicare PPO, fill out the Medicare Prescription Drug Enrollment form for UC Medicare PPO (UBEN 123) and send it to the UC Retirement Administration Service Center.