If you have some family members with Medicare coverage and others not currently eligible for Medicare, you’re considered a split-Medicare family.

Some UC non-Medicare medical plans have a Medicare version of the plan; for example, Kaiser Senior Advantage is the Medicare version of Kaiser Permanente. Other UC non-Medicare plans have “partner” plans; for example, UC Medicare PPO is the partner to UC Care and CORE. A split family is not eligible for the UC Health Savings Plan.

With both types of plans, you enroll in the non-Medicare version of the plan and your Medicare-enrolled family members are automatically placed in the partner Medicare plan. You may not see the Medicare plan name when you enroll in the non-Medicare plan.

Non-Medicare family members Medicare-enrolled family members
CORE UC Medicare PPO
UC Blue & Gold HMO UC Medicare Choice
Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage
UC Care PPO UC Medicare PPO

You can view the monthly premiums for these split-Medicare families here.

If you enroll a family member in a new Medicare plan, you will need to complete an additional form:

  • Kaiser Senior Advantage — Complete the Medicare Advantage Enrollment/Election form for Kaiser (UBEN 127) and mail to the plan and the UC Retirement Administration Service Center. 
  • UC Medicare Choice — Complete the enrollment form for UC Medicare Choice (UBEN 121) and mail to the UC Retirement Administration Service Center.
  • UC Medicare PPO — Fill out the Navitus (PDP) Enrollment Form For UC Medicare PPO or UC High Option Supplement to Medicare (UBEN 123) and send it to the UC Retirement Administration Service Center.