The first step in a successful talent management strategy is planning your workforce. Proper strategic planning provides a long-term blueprint that helps to ensure your workforce and organization is prepared for the future.

As a manager and leader planning for your talent needs, you should consider the following:

  • Identify the critical skills you need
  • Identify changes that may need to be made within your organization's structure
  • Identify your current staff's strengths
  • Determine the type of talent you'll need for key roles in the future
  • Assess where professional development is needed to prepare current staff for future openings


Gartner Workforce Planning Tools and Resources

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These resources are available on the Gartner Corporate Leadership Council website, which is part of the Gartner CEBglobal membership suite that you have access to as a UC employee. Use your UC email address to log in. Once you are logged in, these links will open directly.