To address talent needs, talent acquisition works in partnership with hiring managers to identify candidates for job openings and builds pipelines for future needs.

Planning for recruitment

Before you begin, ensure you are aware of UC policies and local procedures on conducting an effective recruitment to ensure you hire for the right skills and competencies.

Here are some resources to help you plan for hiring new staff:

  • Executive Recruitment and Search

    UC approved search firms, internal search resources, and additional guidance and tools to assist with executive recruitment and searches.

  • HR Mythbusters

    Outlines common myths around recruitment, promotions, and other UC policy-related issues and provides best practice guidance for managers on how to handle these types of situations. Your location’s procedures should be taken into consideration before changing an established procedure.

  • UC Hiring for Success

    This eCourse training guides hiring managers and other UC personnel through each step of the hiring process and the policies, laws and values that underlay UC talent acquisition.

    Updated in 2022 to feature increased guidance on incorporating equity, diversity and inclusion principles and best practices into recruitment, search and hiring efforts, as well as additional, new activities to prepare learners for more effective hiring and just-in-time resources that can be used during actual hiring efforts.

    Available through the UC Learning Center. Part of the UC Systemwide People Management Series and Certificate. (60 mins.)

  • Search Advisory and Hiring Committee Best Practices

    Identify and review the important roles committee chairs and individual committee members play in making a successful hire. Includes strategies and techniques for ensuring equity through identification and management of biases that may influence search or hiring processes, and laws and UC policies and procedures that govern hiring practices. (30 mins.)

  • UC Managing Implicit Bias Series

    A six-course online training series designed to increase awareness of implicit bias and reduce its impact at the University. The series reinforces the UC diversity, equity, and inclusion values that enable the University to attract and retain a top talent workforce, and it further supports the UC commitment to developing effective leaders and managers of people. It is intended to supplement existing location programs and resources.

  • Diversity Resources

    To help recruit a diverse talent pool, a listing of diversity web sites has been developed to increase efforts in this area. Workplace diversity is essential to help grow and evolve as an organization. The listings provide sites that are geared towards Veterans, women and people from diverse cultures. Keep in mind that diversity is not limited to race and gender, but expands to diversity of experiences and perspectives.


Interviewing is one of the most important parts of the hiring process. With preparation and planning, you’ll be able to conduct interviews that provide you with solid information to assist in making successful, long-term hires.

Finalizing the hire

When interviews are complete, it’s time to move into the selection phase of the process.