What is Integrated Talent Management?

As a part of UC's systemwide HR strategic plan, talent management integrates the HR functions of talent planning, acquisition, onboarding, performance, learning and succession into an interconnected whole. It provides the structure and tools necessary to hire, deploy, develop and retain the best people in their respective fields.

Within the talent management continuum, HR and the manager work together to guide the employee experience, through every phase of employment — from hire to retirement or transition. The manager delivers guidance through frequent feedback, professional and career development and engagement activities, all of which are aligned with the organization’s short- and long-term goals.

Talent management delivers tangible results that impact engagement, such as:

  • Higher performance, aligned with organizational goals
  • Better retention of top performers
  • Greater job satisfaction

This website collects the best information, research, practices and tools from across the UC system to help managers in their talent management efforts.

Attract & Hire

Talent Planning

Workforce and talent planning is the first step of a talent management strategic planning process that results in a long-term blueprint to ensure workforce and organizational readiness for the future. Learn more about Talent Planning »

Talent Acquisition & Employment

Talent acquisition is a collaboration between talent acquisition staff and hiring managers to ensure the right talent is in alignment with the organization’s needs. Learn more about Talent Acquisition »


Onboarding & Integration

Onboarding and integration are strategic processes designed to immerse the new employee in the culture and vision of the organization while socializing them to the new role and providing the tools and resources they need to be successful. Learn more about Onboarding and Integration »

Performance Management

Performance Management is an ongoing, collaborative process between managers and employees to build a relationship, set expectations and goals, give and receive feedback, and discuss professional development needs and career aspirations. Learn more about Performance Management »

Develop & Retain

Individual Development: Leadership, Management and Professional

Opportunities for on-the-job learning, coaching, mentoring and formal training are made available to all UC staff, both on a systemwide and local basis. Learn more about Leadership Development »  Management Development »  Professional Development »

Succession, Organizational Readiness & Retention

To stay current with the rapid rate of change and talent mobility, UC’s managers focus on identifying talented individuals to develop with the learning experiences needed to be ready for the next opportunity when it opens. Learn more about Organizational Readiness »

Systemwide Human Resources Fellows Program

The Systemwide HR Fellows program is part of a multidimensional Talent Management strategy designed to attract and develop highly capable, competitive and career-focused individuals. Learn more about the program and meet our current Fellows »