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Planning is underway for the upcoming Systemwide Human Resources Institute (SWHRI), scheduled for Oct. 24-26, 2022, in Costa Mesa, California. In-person attendees will be able to attend both general sessions and classes. General sessions with keynote speakers will also be streamed via Zoom.

What is it?

Human Resources (HR) is a critical strategic partner ensuring that the University of California meets its mission through the people that work at UC. As such, HR is a major player in creating the employee experience for UC staff and faculty. The SWHRI is designed by Systemwide Employee Relations to support UC’s HR professionals by fulfilling three goals:

  1. Empower UC HR professionals to develop, maintain and own their expertise
  2. Provide opportunities to network with colleagues from across the System
  3. Provide guidance and support to chart a human resources career path at the University of California.

The SWHRI is a forum for 200 University of California HR professionals to come together for professional development. Over three days the attendees will be able to choose from a variety of classes specifically related to HR in higher education. Classes will range from disability and leave management to HR operations; from EEO/Diversity & Inclusion to Affirmative Action planning; from Academic personnel to staff performance management; from employee relations/labor relations to policy interpretation and implementation; from developing personal collaboration skills to thinking and communicating strategically.

Who should attend?

The Institute will be open to HR professionals new to UC, new to HR, new to public sector/higher education HR, mid-career HR employees looking to further their professional growth, and senior-level HR professionals looking to share their expertise and mentor their colleagues.

Topics Covered

  • Academic Personnel
  • Total Rewards (Benefits and Compensation)
  • Employee Relations/Labor Relations, Policy & Compliance, Risk, and Investigations
  • Equal Opportunity, Diversity, Affirmative Action, Disability, and Leaves
  • Public Employer/Higher Education HR
  • Strategic HR, Ethics, Senior Level Leadership, and the Future of HR
  • Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development
  • Career Development strategies for HR professionals

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