UC and the University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) continued contract negotiations for research and technical employees June 3-6, 2013, during which they discussed compensation, parking and other issues.

UPTE presented its wage proposal for research employees. The union is seeking a 6 percent annual raise and annual merit increases along with longevity steps for certain years of service, while at the same time opposing the university’s efforts at responsible pension reform.

Pension reform is a key issue for UC because it will preserve the long-term viability of the university’s retirement programs so that UC can continue providing quality benefits to current and future employees.

Eight other unions representing 14 bargaining units have already agreed to these pension reforms, which apply to non-represented faculty and staff. These reforms also are similar to what has been implemented for state employees.

UC is committed to providing fair, competitive compensation for employees. UC believes that economic issues — wages, health benefits, and retirement and retiree health benefits — must be handled comprehensively. Because UPTE’s proposal takes a piecemeal approach to compensation, UC has rejected the union’s proposal.

The university has a demonstrated track record for rewarding employees for their service. UPTE members have received wage increases in the past, including up to 5 percent increases in each of the past two years, as well as excellent benefits.

The university will provide additional updates on negotiations as they become available.