Updated July 3, 2023, with additional information about how to make changes to life insurance.

You can enroll in or make changes to your medical, dental, vision, supplemental health and legal insurance benefits during our annual fall open enrollment period, or if you experience a qualified life change (such as adding a family member). But, there are some changes you can make to your voluntary disability, supplemental life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage at any time throughout the year.

What changes can I make?

Changed your mind? You can also cancel or reduce your voluntary disability, supplemental life, or AD&D insurance at any time.

How do I make changes?

You can make changes at UCPath online. Here’s what to do:

  • On your UCPath dashboard, navigate to Employee Actions > Health and Welfare > Life Events / Benefit Changes
  • Before you enter a life event or benefits change, you’ll need to validate your identity by correctly answering one of the randomly displayed security questions set up on your profile.
  • On the Life Events page, select “Benefit Changes for AD & D, Disability or Life” and follow the prompts corresponding to the change you’d like to make. Your Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE) will determine whether you are required to submit a completed short-form health statement questionnaire or not.

After you have submitted your benefit changes, a confirmation email will be sent to the primary email address stored in UCPath. You can identify your primary email address under Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary.

Need help with your benefits change? Contact your local benefits office or a UCPath representative (call 855-982-7284 or submit an inquiry through your account).