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Bargaining update for postdoctoral scholars

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Dear Colleague:

I write to update you on our negotiations with UAW leadership on a new contract for you and your colleagues. The University has presented union leaders with proposals regarding compensation and other key issues. We believe this is a strong proposal that deserves consideration and discussion.

Central to the University’s current proposal is addressing the important issue of compensation, which currently starts above the widely-used NIH scale and leads among comparable institutions. Our proposal builds on that base while simplifying and clarifying the compensation process. Given that range increases can be unpredictable, our offer would provide regular, scheduled annual increases to Postdoctoral Scholars. Please see the chart below, which details the expected salary increases we have proposed.

Our most recent bargaining session with UAW leaders was held this past Monday, November 1st. We will continue our discussions at our next bargaining session scheduled for November 15, which coincides with the expiration of the contract extension.

We are hopeful we can reach an agreement, and we will continue to keep you informed about our efforts.

Kind Regards,

Letitia Silas
Executive Director
Systemwide Labor Relations

Postdoc salary scale increases

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