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UC increases minimum wage for designated health care employees

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Students working at the UC Irvine School of Medicine

Reflecting its commitment to fair and competitive employee pay, UC will begin increasing minimum hourly wages for health care workers, beginning June 1, 2024. The hourly minimum wage for designated health care employees will increase to $23/hour effective June 1, 2024, $24/hour effective June 1, 2025, and $25/hour effective June 1, 2026, with further increases thereafter. The UC has also proposed to increase the minimum wage for all AFSCME-represented employees to $24 by April of 2025. 

UC’s proposed implementation of California Senate Bill (SB) 525 is broader and faster than the newly enacted SB 525, which sets a new minimum wage for “covered health care employees.” To bring this important change to certain UC workers as soon as possible, UC is committed to meeting the most ambitious timeline proposed for the bill, beginning with minimum wage increases effective June 1, 2024.

“We are excited to recognize and offer wage increases for our health care workers, whose dedication and resilience, particularly during the pandemic, were invaluable in ensuring patients in the University of California Health system received optimal care,” said Melissa Matella, associate vice president of Employee & Labor Relations at UC Office of the President.

Consistent with SB 525, UC will also expand the scope of overtime-eligible employees to cover those health care employees making less than $71,760/year in June of this year, $74,880/year beginning on June 1, 2025, and $78,000/year beginning on June 1, 2026. Health care employees who are newly eligible for overtime will be informed of the changes and any associated timekeeping obligations.

Increasing pay for our valued workers is another step in UC’s growth as a great place to work as it continues to protect and enhance its comprehensive pay, leave and benefits offerings. Other upcoming and recent gains for eligible UC employees include the proposed expansion of paid sick leave (with details currently under review), the Jan. 1, 2024, introduction of paid leave following a reproductive loss and the introduction of enhanced infertility benefits, adoption assistance and paid time off for family care and bonding.

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