Administered by Anthem Blue Cross (medical) and Navitus (pharmacy); supported by Accolade Health Care Advocate

CORE is a high-deductible PPO plan. CORE can be paired with a Health Flexible Spending Account (Health FSA); it is not compatible with the Health Savings Account.

Coverage for COVID-19 tests

Through Dec. 31, 2023, CORE will continue to cover at-home over-the-counter antigen tests and waive the cost-share for PCR testing if ordered by a physician. 

Please note that the Anthem and Navitus public websites list the end date of coverage for over-the-counter COVID-19 antigen tests as May 15, 2023. This information does not apply to UC medical plan members. Requirements for the coverage of COVID-19 tests have changed for some medical plans but not for others, depending on state laws and the type of plan.  

How the plan works

  • You can choose any doctor or hospital you wish, worldwide, but Anthem Blue Cross PPO network providers cost less.
  • Preventive care from in-network providers is covered at 100% without the need to meet your deductible.
  • For all other services and prescriptions, you pay 100% of the cost until you meet the deductible ($3,000 for both in-network and out-of-network providers).
  • Once you meet the deductible, you pay 20%.
  • Annual out-of-pocket maximums ($6,350 individual/$12,700 family) limit what you pay. The calendar year deductible is included in the annual out-of-pocket maximum. If you reach the annual maximum, the plan pays 100% of your medical and prescription drug costs for the rest of the year.
  • Behavioral health services are provided by Anthem network providers.

Best fit for you if:

  • You want to pay no monthly premium
  • You want direct access to all providers without need for referrals
  • You are willing to risk incurring high out-of-pocket costs
  • You want coverage when you are traveling or living abroad

Plan costs

UC pays the entire premium for CORE; there is no additional premium cost to you. 

Typical out-of-pocket costs

Once you’ve met the deductible, you pay:

  • Office visit/urgent care visit: 20% (preventive care from in-network providers has no charge)
  • Emergency room: 20%
  • Hospital stay: 20%
  • Prescription drugs: 20%