UC Care is a PPO plan created just for UC. You can get care from most UC physicians and medical centers as well as the Anthem Preferred network of providers — the choice is yours. You also have coverage for out-of-network providers.

Plan changes

There is a change to the prescription drug formulary for UC Care for next year. There are no changes to the UC Care deductible, coinsurance or annual out-of-pocket limits.

The new features/changes described below are effective Jan. 1, 2020.

Changes to prescription drug formulary 

To help keep prescription drug costs and premiums affordable, UC Care will transition from the current Anthem National Drug List to the Anthem Essential Drug List. The Essential Drug List focuses on less costly medications with the same effectiveness as more expensive — and often brand name — medications.

The majority of members currently taking medications will not notice differences as a result of this change. Some members will have either a higher or lower copay if they are on a medication that moves to a different tier. To minimize the impact on members, any current medications not on the new drug list will be grandfathered (in current form and dosage), meaning members can continue taking them without disruption while they use that specific medication and dosage. Visit ucppoplans.com for more information about the change.

New ID Cards

If you changed plan during the year, you and each covered family member will get one ID card from Anthem in late December that you’ll use beginning Jan. 1, 2020, for medical, prescription drug and behavioral health services. The new ID cards have updated information your pharmacist will need in order to process your pharmacy claims in 2020.

How the plan works

  • You may choose any doctor or care facility, worldwide.
  • You have two options for in-network care:
    • You pay set copayments for covered services and there’s no deductible when you use providers in the UC Select network (available only in California).
    • You also can choose a medical provider in the Anthem Preferred network and pay 20% of the cost of service after the deductible has been met. The Anthem Preferred network has a $250 deductible for individual coverage and $750 deductible for a family of three or more.
  • Or, you can choose a non-preferred or out-of-network provider and pay 50% of the cost. There is a $500 deductible for individual coverage and $1,500 deductible for a family of three or more.
  • Behavioral health benefits are provided through Anthem Blue Cross. You can see any behavioral health provider you choose, but you’ll pay less and receive higher benefit coverage when you see an in-network provider. Some services may require prior authorization.
  • Annual out-of-pocket maximums limit what you pay. If you reach the annual maximum, the plan pays 100% of your covered medical costs for the rest of the year. There is one combined out-of-pocket maximum for medical, behavioral health and pharmacy expenses.
    • UC Select: $5,100/individual; $8,700/family
    • Anthem Preferred: $6,600/individual; $13,200 family
    • Out-of-network: $8,600/individual; $19,200 family
  • Anthem Blue Cross will administer claims.

Best fit for you if:

  • You want direct access to most providers without a plan referral
  • You want no deductible and fixed copay for using providers in the UC Select network
  • You want coverage when you are traveling or living abroad
  • You and/or your family members live outside California

Monthly plan costs for faculty and staff

Retiree plan costs chart »

Pay Band
(per annum)
Self Self +
Self +
$58,000 and under $141.74 $255.13 $358.26 $471.65
$58,001–$114,000 $179.92 $323.85 $445.42 $589.36
$114,001–$171,000 $219.10 $394.37 $523.53 $698.81
$171,001 and above $259.67 $467.40 $604.46 $812.19
Rates for union-represented employees are subject to ongoing collective bargaining as appropriate.

Typical out-of-pocket costs

  • Office visit/urgent care visit: UC Select: $20; Anthem Preferred: 20%; out-of-network: 50%; (preventive care with in-network provider has no charge)
  • Urgent care visit: UC Select: $20; Anthem Preferred: $30 (not subject to deductible); out-of-network: 50%
  • Emergency room visit not resulting in an admission: $200
  • Hospital stay (facility only): UC Select: $250; Anthem Preferred: 20%; out-of-network: 50%
  • Prescription drugs: $5 generic; $25 brand name; $40 non-formulary; specialty 30% for 30-day supply (up to $150 copayment maximum)