A new 19-member Student Advisory Board has been established to provide input to the university on its ongoing efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence and sexual harassment.

The board will hold its first meeting Feb. 5. The board members will serve as liaisons between students and the UC Systemwide Title IX Office on the university’s continuing prevention and response efforts. They will provide information to students about UC’s latest efforts, share students’ feedback with Systemwide Title IX Coordinator Kathleen Salvaty, and help identify emerging issues.

The board consists of one undergraduate and one graduate student from each campus, except for UCSF which does not offer undergraduate programs and will be represented by one graduate student. 

“We were impressed by the more than 100 applications we received, which underscores how passionate our students are about this issue,” Salvaty said. “We’re eager to expand the ways in which we receive feedback from students and we’re looking forward to working with the new Student Advisory Board.”

Student Regent Paul Monge helped lead the effort to form the Student Advisory Board.  A committee, which was comprised primarily of students and included Office of the President staff, reviewed the applications and selected the board members. The selection criteria included students’ interest in and knowledge of Title IX related issues, commitment to engage students at their campus and connect with the rest of the board, and ability to think broadly. The selection committee also strove to assemble a board that represented diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The new board members will serve until June 2019. The university will invite students to apply for the next one-year board term in early 2019.

Students are encouraged to reach out to the board member representing their campus to discuss sexual violence-related issues.

Student Advisory Board

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC Irvine


UC Merced

UC Riverside

UC San Diego


UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Cruz

Selection Committee

  • Kayleigh Anderson-Natale, UC Riverside student
  • Eric Heng, Assistant Director of Student Development and Engagement
  • Hieu Le, UC Santa Barbara student
  • Kimberly McCabe, UC San Diego student
  • Arielle Mokhtarzadeh, UCLA student
  • Paul Monge, UC Student Regent
  • Chloe Pan, UCLA student
  • Kathleen Salvaty, Systemwide Title IX Officer
  • Teresa Wachira, UC Merced student