Employees and retirees enrolled in UC-sponsored non-Medicare health plans were largely satisfied with the quality of behavioral health treatment they receive, but less satisfied with their behavioral health plans, according to surveys conducted last summer. Optum Behavioral Health was rated more highly than the national average on a number of key measures.

At the time the survey was conducted, Optum Behavioral Health provided behavioral health benefits to members in UC’s non-Medicare plans — Health Net Blue & Gold HMO, Western Health Advantage, Kaiser, Health Savings Plan, and UC Care. Kaiser members had the option of accessing behavioral health care through Kaiser Permanente Mental Health or through Optum Behavioral Health.

Survey results from more than 1,100 UC members who received behavioral health services found moderate to high levels of satisfaction with the quality of treatment and clinicians:

  • Counseling and treatment (percent rating 8 or higher on a 10-point scale):
    • Optum Behavioral Health — 80 percent
    • Kaiser — 62 percent
  • Good communication with clinicians (percent reporting “always” or “usually” in response to questions about how often clinicians listened carefully, explained things well, showed respect, etc.)
    • Optum Behavioral Health — 96 percent
    • Kaiser — 86 percent

Members were less satisfied with their behavioral health plan, with 60 percent giving a rating of 8 or above (on a 10-point scale) to Optum and 56 percent giving a rating of 8 or above to Kaiser.

The behavioral health plan survey was conducted by the DSS Research Group, an independent survey research firm which also conducts a satisfaction survey about UC’s medical plans. Feedback from surveys provides UC with valuable information about how your health plans can serve you better, so the behavioral health survey will be conducted annually.