Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, UC’s preferred provider organization (PPO) medical plans for retirees (UC High Option Supplement to Medicare, UC Medicare PPO and UC Medicare PPO without Prescription Drugs) and for employees (Core, UC Care and UC Health Savings Plan) will have new administrators for medical, behavioral health and prescription drug benefits. UC has worked to minimize disruptions for members, but there are a few important things for Medicare plan members to note about the change.

Legally required notices

You may have received a notice that Blue Shield of California will no longer be your Medicare plan carrier and, if you are currently enrolled in UC Medicare PPO or UC High Option Supplement to Medicare, a notice that your Part D prescription drug coverage has been assigned to OptumRx. These are legally required notices that do not require any action on your part.

ID cards

Before Jan. 1, members of UC High Option Supplement to Medicare and UC Medicare PPO with Prescription Drugs will receive separate ID cards from Anthem (to access their medical and behavioral benefits) and from OptumRx (to access the pharmacy/prescription drug benefits). Members of UC Medicare PPO without Prescription Drugs will receive an ID card from Anthem only. A welcome letter along with information introducing you to your new plan will be included with your ID card(s).

In mid-January, some members may receive a second ID card from OptumRx. If you receive a second ID card, it will replace your initial card.

Please see the Transition Checklist on UCnet for more information about the transition from Blue Shield to Anthem and OptumRx, including contact information for your 2017 plans.