About 4,200 UC employees will become eligible for overtime pay and transition to a biweekly pay cycle starting Nov. 20, 2016, due to a change in federal regulation.

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act regulates overtime pay and outlines specific criteria for employees to be exempt from overtime. Under the current law, employees are overtime exempt if their jobs meet specific criteria and they earn more than $455 per week (or $23,660 per year). Beginning Dec. 1, 2016, federal officials will raise that salary threshold to $913 per week (or $47,476 per year), meaning employees must earn at least $913 a week to remain exempt.

To comply with the revised regulation, UC will reclassify certain job titles as nonexempt and eligible for overtime. These job titles are Junior Specialists and Staff Research Associates 2. UC will also reclassify as nonexempt part-time staff and academic employees whose primary roles do not involve teaching and who earn less than $913 per week. These employees will be paid hourly, will be eligible for overtime and will move to a biweekly pay cycle on Nov. 20, 2016, which is the start of the biweekly pay period that covers Dec. 1.

All employees who are being reclassified as nonexempt and eligible for overtime will receive a letter from the university with more details, frequently asked questions and information about UC’s Transition Assistance Vacation Cash Out Program for employees who may need help during the switch to biweekly pay.

Some overtime-exempt employees will remain exempt, even though they earn less than $913 per week. This includes employees whose primary duty is teaching and coaches who primarily teach or instruct student athletes. In addition, undergraduate and graduate students who are engaged in research or extracurricular activities are not subject to this federal law.

Employees who have questions may contact their local Human Resources or Academic Personnel offices.

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