We shop, email, bank and research thousands of questions from the trivial to the important on the internet. And the university’s networks house an enormous amount of sensitive information, including student data, employee files, patient records and proprietary research.

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Criminals are constantly finding new ways to steal information, but you can take important steps to protect yourself and the university.

In recognition of National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October, UC is offering a variety of resources to help students, faculty and staff better understand cyber risk and stay safer and more secure online, whether you’re at school, work or home. These resources include cybersecurity tips and fact sheets, articles, posters, short videos and a presentation geared toward students. The university is also offering a series of free webinars covering a range of topics, including the techniques hackers use to break into networks, what to consider when storing information in the cloud, and cybersecurity for medical devices.

You can learn more on UC’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month webpage.

Many campuses are also hosting local cybersecurity activities. Check your campus events listing or Information Security website for details.

Cybersecurity do’s and don’ts

Protect yourself and your private information by following these tips:

  • Use different passwords for different accounts, including for UC and non-UC logins.
  • Your password is the key to your private information, so make it strong. Use a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Never share your passwords with anyone.
  • Protect your phone and other portable devices. Use complex passwords and automatic screen locking. Don’t leave your phone lying around where someone can steal it — even just for a second.
  • Avoid phishing scams and ransomware. Never click on unknown links or files in emails, text messages, websites or pop-ups.
  • Back it up. Back up everything on your phone or portable device that you don’t want to lose.
  • Keep your private information private. Remember that once you share something online, it lives forever.

You can find additional systemwide information security news, alerts, upcoming events and other information on the UC Security website.

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