The University has made changes to its Short-Term and Supplemental Disability Insurance Plans based on requirements of the State of California Department of Insurance (DOI). In addition to the mandated changes, UC has taken this opportunity to incorporate into the body of the policy several changes that had been appended by administrative letters since the last policy update. The new policies are effective for any claims with a date of disability beginning July 1, 2016 or later.

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Significant policy changes

  • The definition of “eligible earnings” was revised to exclude stipends for department chairs. This revision was a correction of an error in earlier documents.
  • The definition of “disability” was revised as required by the DOI.
  • Additional provisions were revised to conform with DOI requirements, including:
    • Changes to some timeframes for notifications 
    • Removal of sections pertaining to Statements, Employee Certificates, Interpretation of the Policy, Furnishing Information, Right of Recovery and Workers’ Compensation (removal of these sections does not change any current practices for managing claims)