At the Office of the Chancellor for two years now, Tasha Hudson notes that UCR’s diversity is her favorite part about working for the university. Similar to UCR’s campus, Hudson’s day-to-day tasks are just as diverse.

“I have my hands on a lot that happens in (the Office of the Chancellor). No two days are the same,” said Hudson.

“My current role is mainly behind-the-scenes overseeing the varied aspects of the chancellor’s executive searches and special projects. I also manage the chancellor’s correspondence, coordinate VIP visits and provide executive support to the associate chancellor.”

Out of all those responsibilities, Hudson says that executive searches are the best part of her job.

“Through executive searches, I get to meet with some of the best talent from all over the country. I really enjoy hosting candidates and learning more about their institutions and why they are interested in coming to UCR. Our campus is wonderfully unique and many candidates appreciate that to the fullest extent.”

When Hudson is not busily moving around her office, she spends her time moving across the dance floor.

“In my younger years, I used to work as a professional singer and dancer in Europe. I loved every minute of it! Now at this stage in my life, I’m really passionate about Middle and Near East dance styles, which include Egyptian Raks Sharki, better known in the U.S. as belly dance, and of course folkloric dancing,” Hudson enthusiastically stated.

“In 2011, I entered a belly dance competition and placed! The experience was absolutely rewarding and I plan to enter another competition in the near future.”

This article first appeared on UC Riverside's Inside UCR website.