When you sign in to your personal account on At Your Service, you can see retirement estimates for different ages based on your current salary. But what effect will a new job at a higher salary have on your pension?

Or what if you are considering reducing your work schedule?

Now you can model these scenarios and others.

Previously, the Retirement Estimator provided estimates based on your current salary and service credit. Now you can change your anticipated Highest Average Plan Compensation — that is, your salary averaged over the consecutive 36 months during which it is highest — and your service credit to produce new estimates.

You can also:

  • model scenarios in which you take a smaller benefit in order to provide a lifetime benefit to a person of your choosing
  • estimate your benefit based on the age at which you want to retire or on a specific date.

To use the estimator, go to At Your Service and select “Sign In to My Accounts.” After you sign in, choose “Retirement Estimator” in the Retirement & Savings section. Then select “View More Monthly Income Options” in the middle of the chart and enter your data.