UC faculty, staff and retirees expressed a high degree of overall satisfaction with the health and welfare insurance plans UC offers.  For the fourth year in a row, member satisfaction survey results show an increase in satisfaction across most areas.

As in previous years, DSS Research, an independent research firm, surveyed UC members to measure satisfaction with the Anthem Blue Cross plans, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente and Western Health Advantage (WHA).  In addition Delta Dental, Vision Service Plan and Liberty Mutual (disability insurer) conducted their own member ship satisfaction surveys.

The survey results below are based on responses from UC plan members.

Percent satisfied with overall health care 93.1% 92.4% 91.5% 92.8% 92.7%
Percent satisfied with overall health plan 82.7% 80.5% 86.5% 92.5% 91.9%
Percent indicating how often it was easy to get an appointment with a specialist 73.5% 80.4% 75.3% 80.2% 76.3%
Percent indicating member always or usually received care for illness or injury as soon as needed 86.6% 83.3% 85.3% 87.5% 87.4%
Percent indicating the plan's customer service always or usually provided information 62.5% 58.3% 66.5% 75.7% 77.8%
Percent with no complaints or problems written to health plan 69.1% 60.5% 72.5% 81.5% 85.1%

Other Plans

Delta Dental PPO: 98%
Delta Care USA:  89.59%  
Short-Term and Supplemental Disability: Liberty Mutual found that 92% of UC employees who filed claims in 2009 were satisfied overall with the claims process
VSP: The ratings indicate the percentage of respondents who answered good, very good or excellent regarding the issues listed during the first three quarters of 2010.

  • Overall satisfaction - 100% actives, 99% retirees
  • Overall level of service provided by VSP - 98% actives, 99% retirees  
  • Selection of VSP doctors to choose from - 98% actives, 95% retirees