The more time goes by, the more YOU LOSE

If AFSCME leaders had accepted UC’s settlement offers, ALL service employees would have received a total 6% pay increase by now, and ALL patient care employees would have received a 3% pay increase.

New offer of $1250 per employee for an agreement

UC has just proposed to AFSCME leaders a one-time payment of $1250 for ALL eligible service and patient care employees in exchange for an agreement. This is in addition to UC’s offer to cap monthly health insurance premium increases at $25 for employees in UC’s Kaiser and Health Net Blue & Gold plans.

Don’t miss out on any more money

Here is how much money average AFSCME-represented employees have missed in EVERY PAYCHECK because union leaders rejected UC’s offers:

$118 each paycheck Respiratory Therapist
$109 each paycheck Building Maintenance Worker
$108 each paycheck Radiologic Technologists
$107 each paycheck Groundskeeper
$92 each paycheck Senior Custodian
$91 each paycheck Food Service Worker

Isn’t it time you had a contract?