AFSCME is asking you to consider another strike. Striking hurts patients, students and your co-workers and only delays you getting a fair contract.

Some important facts to consider:

Service staff missed out on a 6% pay increase due to AFSCME

If AFSCME had accepted UC’s April settlement offer, service employees would have received a total 6 percent pay increase by now, plus a one-time payment of $750. Because AFSCME rejected UC’s offer, service employees have missed out on thousands of dollars in pay increases this year:

Position Average Annual salary* October pay if AFSCME had accepted UC’s April 6 offer Missed 2018 pay increase Missed one-time payment Total cash missed due to AFSCME**
Building Maint. Worker $47,310 $50,148 $2,838 $750 $3,588
Groundskeeper $46,329 $49,108 $2,779 $750 $3,529
Senior Custodian $39,925 $42,320 $2,395 $750 $3,145
Food Service Worker $39,219 $41,572 $2,353 $750 $3,103

*Source: Oct. 2017 UC data  **Based on annualized pay

When AFSCME strikes, you lose

AFSCME’s May strike had no effect on UC’s offers and caused striking employees to lose hundreds of dollars in pay — approximately $500 for the average service employee. Can you afford to lose even more money by participating in another AFSCME strike?

Strikes hurt patients, students and co-workers

Make no mistake — strikes impact patients, students and other UC employees. We think it is wrong for AFSCME leaders to hurt patients, students and your co-workers with another strike.