UC met with the United Auto Workers union May 30–31 to continue negotiations for a new multi-year contract for academic student employees.


  • Fair wages: UC proposed annual increases of 2 percent for each year for the next four years.
  • Sexual Harassment: Effectively preventing and responding to complaints of sexual harassment was also discussed. UC is committed to protecting all community members from sexual harassment, ensuring fair adjudication and investigation procedures, and further fostering a culture of safety and respect on all its campuses. In compliance with state and federal regulations, UC policies reflect our commitment to a safe learning and working environment on all of our campuses.

    UC is committed to pursuing contract provisions that align with UC’s systemwide sexual violence and sexual harassment policy, which outlines a transparent, consistent process to ensure fairness in resolving such cases. The SVSH policy was shaped with the input of student leaders serving on the President’s Task Force on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence.

  • Other: Other topics discussed included:
    • Assembly Bill 119 and providing the union opportunity to meet with new academic student employees when they are hired
    • Improving the appointment notification process
    • ASE rebuttal to performance evaluations
    • Reasonable accommodations for ASEs with disabilities