In the latest bargaining session Dec. 12–13, UC offered guaranteed annual wage increases, on top of excellent health and retirement benefits, for patient care technical employees.

UC presented its wage proposal as part of a comprehensive economic package to advance negotiations and reach a new agreement as soon as possible.

UC’s total compensation proposal includes:

  • Annual wage increase: Annual step increases for eligible employees, and increases for certain job titles to ensure that salaries remain market competitive.

AFSCME’s demand for wage increases that are more than double the increases that other UC employees receive is, in our view, not reasonable or financially sustainable. Nor does it bring the two sides closer to agreement.

  • Quality health care: Continued excellent health care for you and your family at the same affordable rates as other UC employees.
  • Excellent pension benefits: Current employees will see no change in their retirement benefits.

Future employees hired after a new contract is ratified would choose between a traditional pension plan and a 401(k)-style plan. Few employers offer this choice. In fact, UC’s retirement program remains among the most generous in the market. (If you would like to learn more, see our fact sheet.)

While the university is open to negotiating, proposals from the union need to be reasonable and financially sustainable. UC’s goal remains providing our employees with market-competitive compensation and good working conditions, while ensuring the university’s long-term economic health.

The university and union will meet in January for the next bargaining session.