UC wants to provide nurses with a comprehensive contract that recognizes the critical role you play in patient care. We are committed to market-competitive wages, excellent health and retirement benefits, and good working conditions.

What’s in UC’s contract offer

  • Market-competitive wages: UC has a strong record of paying its nurses market-competitive wages.

   After six months of negotiations, UC received a partial wage proposal from CNA at the Dec. 6-7 bargaining session. UC is reviewing the union’s proposal and will respond at the January bargaining session.

  • Quality health care: Continued excellent health care for nurses and their families at the same rates as other UC employees. UC offers a greater selection of health plans and at reasonable rates, than other employers.
  • Excellent retirement benefits:
    • Current nurses would see no change in their retirement benefits.
    • Future nurses hired after a new contract is ratified would choose between a traditional pension plan and a 401(k)-style plan. Few employers offer this choice, or a traditional pension. UC’s retirement program remains among the most generous in the market

UC response to CNA claims about UC’s offers, working conditions

You may have read recent union fliers that the university believes mischaracterize the university’s positions. UC’s policies reflect an abiding commitment to provide good working conditions, a safe workplace and work-life balance for its employees.

All UC medical centers meet state laws on staffing ratios, and are routinely surveyed by the Joint Commission. Meal and break relief, employee sick and vacation leave, per diems, overtime and more have been a key part of our contracts — and we are committed to maintaining these.