Our health care professionals play a critical role in delivering excellent patient care, and UC is working hard to achieve a comprehensive, long-term contract that recognizes these contributions.

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Even though your last contract expired on Oct. 31, negotiations continue and UC and the union have reached tentative agreement on 19 non-economic issues so far. 

UC is waiting for the union to present its counterproposals on a number of issues to move negotiations forward. Prompt, efficient proposals and counterproposals are key to finalizing an agreement without delay.

Highlights of UC’s proposals have included:

  • Quality health care: Excellent health benefits for you and your family at the same rates as other UC employees with similar salaries. UC offers a larger selection of health plans and at reasonable rates, than other employers.
  • Excellent retirement benefits: Current employees will see no change in their pension benefits. 

Future employees hired after a new contract is ratified would choose between a traditional pension plan and a 401(k)-style plan. Few employers offer this choice, or a traditional pension. UC’s retirement program remains among the most generous in the market.

  • Guaranteed wage increase: A step increase — 2 percent increase — per year for all eligible employees.
  • Long-term stability: A four-year contract that provides both employees and the university with stability through 2021.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Jan. 25-26, 2018. UC looks forward to receiving UPTE’s counterproposals at that meeting.

Access bargaining updates at ucal.us/UChealthcarestaff