A state mediator will meet with the University of California and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union Oct. 23-24 to try to resolve differences in contract negotiations for service staff.

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We look forward to mediation and hope this process will result in an agreement, providing you with a new contract without further delay.

How mediation works

A mediator appointed by the state meets with both sides and works with them to resolve outstanding issues and reach a mutually acceptable contract. During the process, UC and the union are required to keep the details of what happens in mediation confidential. This means, bargaining updates to employees during this period will be limited.

UC’s last compensation offer maintains competitive pay, good benefits

UC has shown flexibility throughout these negotiations. We’ve enhanced our wage offer, offered additional protections for safe working conditions, and proposed more professional development opportunities. We do not believe AFSCME has shown the same flexibility.

We support a comprehensive, multi-year contract that fairly compensates you and your colleagues for your hard work.

UC's Last Total Compensation Offer

Market-Competitive Wages

A step increase — 2 percent — per year for all eligible employees. Employees at the top of the salary range would receive an annual 2 percent lump sum payment. This offer would keep AFSCME-represented service workers’ salaries at the top of the market.

Excellent Health Care

Excellent subsidized health benefits at the same rates as other UC employees with similar salaries. A typical service employee would pay just $32 a month for Kaiser for themselves and their children.

Quality Retirement Benefits

Current employees will see no change in their pension benefits.

Future employees hired after a new contract is ratified will have a choice between a traditional pension or a 401(k)-style plan. Each employee would have the freedom to choose between the two plan options.

Access UC bargaining updates at http://ucal.us/UCService