We understand you and your nurse colleagues have been asked to join a rally organized by your union, the California Nurses Association. Whether or not to participate is an individual decision, and we respect your right to choose. Whatever you decide, we want to make sure you have the facts about current contract negotiations and UC’s positions and priorities.

Myth: UC does not staff based on acuity or make good working conditions a priority.

Fact: Safe staffing and a healthy workforce are fundamental to delivering quality patient care and are important values to us as an employer. We hold ourselves to the highest standards:

  • All UC medical centers meet — and in many cases exceed — California’s legally mandated nurse-to-patient staffing ratios. In fact, the California Nurses Association is lobbying for federal legislation that is modeled after California’s law.
  • Meal and break relief, employee sick leave, and vacation scheduling have been a key part of our contracts and daily operations. We are committed to maintaining these.
  • We provide for the safe transport of patients. Each UC medical center has processes in place that comply with state regulations on patient lifting and transportation.
  • UC has established protocols to discuss staffing issues and concerns with CNA in a timely manner, and address them proactively and in ways that are appropriate to each unique hospital environment.

Myth: UC pay lags behind the market.

Fact: UC nurses’ salaries are at or above market, and UC is committed to ensuring that nurses’ pay stays market competitive. UC is eager to receive CNA’s wage proposal and is ready to respond with a market-competitive offer, as part of our complete contract proposal.

Myth: UC is proposing changes that will hurt your pension.

Fact: Your pension is safe. Current nurses will see no change in their earned pension benefits.

  • Accrued UCRP pension benefits are protected by law and cannot be reduced or revoked.
  • UC’s retirement proposal only affects future nurses hired after a new contract. Future nurses would choose between a traditional pension or a 401(k)-style plan, whichever they feel is right for them.
  • Offering future employees a choice does not hurt your pension benefits or jeopardize UC’s ability to pay pension benefits.
  • UC’s retirement benefits, for current and future employees, are among the most generous in the market. Few other employers offer a pension.

We are committed to reaching a contract that guarantees market-competitive pay, good retirement benefits, and safe working conditions for you and future UC nurses.

As always, thank you for all you do, every day, in delivering excellent care to UC patients.

For more, visit ucal.us/UCnurses