Since March, UC has worked hard to reach a comprehensive contract with guaranteed wage increases and excellent benefits for you. However UC and the union are far from an agreement and AFSCME has stated that it plans to file a declaration of impasse with the state Public Employment Relations Board (PERB).

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Assuming PERB agrees that the parties are at impasse, the case will be assigned to a mediator. UC does not plan to oppose the impasse declaration because our hope is that a mediator will help us resolve our differences on key issues, including retirement benefits, and move us closer to agreement.

Throughout these negotiations, the university has demonstrated flexibility in response to union concerns. We enhanced our wage offer to ensure that service staff, even those at the top of the salary range, receive an increase equal to 2 percent a year. As recently as Aug. 8-9, we offered additional protections for safe working conditions and enhancements in professional development to help you advance in your career.

We don’t believe AFSCME has demonstrated the same flexibility. AFSCME continues to press for wages and benefits that are financially unrealistic and out of line with other employees.

We look forward to working with the state mediator to bring you a fair contract.

UC's Last Total Compensation Proposal

Market-Competitive Wages A step increase — 2 percent — per year for all eligible employees. Employees at the top of the salary range would receive an annual 2 percent lump sum payment. This offer would ensure UC service salaries remain at the top of the market.
Excellent Health Care

Excellent health benefits at the same rates as other UC employees who earn a similar salary. A typical service employee would pay just $32 a month for Kaiser themselves and their children.

Quality Retirement Benefits

Current employees will see no change in their retirement benefits.

Future employees hired after a new contract is ratified will have a choice between a traditional pension and a 401(k)-style plan, based on their needs and preferences.