UC met with AFSCME on April 26-27, 2017 to continue negotiating a new contract for our service employees. Maintaining market-competitive wages was a key focus at this bargaining session.

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UC service employees currently receive salaries that are above market, as a result of regular pay increases over the last several years in UC’s ongoing commitment to provide market-competitive pay. Salaries for UC service staff are higher than what other State of California workers in similar positions are paid:

  • UC senior custodian average: $40,444
  • State of California average: $33,844
  • UC senior cook average: $42,542
  • State of California average: $36,382
  • UC security guard average: $40,700
  • State of California average: $29,467

UC is proposing a step increase in each year of the contract — equal to a 2 percent increase — for eligible employees. This proposal balances our goal of helping eligible employees advance further in their careers while juggling other important budget priorities and preserving the long-term health of the university.

Contract duration and transportation

During this bargaining session, UC also proposed a five-year term for the new contract, in order to provide service workers certainty and predictability. Parking and transportation, including alternative commuting incentives, were also discussed.

Next bargaining dates

The next bargaining session is scheduled for May 11-12 at UCSF.

As always, thank you for your dedication to UC, and all you do to keep our campuses and medical centers operating smoothly. We greatly appreciate your efforts and those of other service workers every day in support of UC’s mission to educate students and serve patients.

We will keep you updated as negotiations continue.

Access UC bargaining updates at http://ucal.us/UCService